~*~ Birthday Parties ~*~

Birthday Parties ~ Piggy Style!

Looking for the ultimate birthday party for your favorite animal lover? Look no further! The Guinea Pig Sanctuary has you covered!

For Kids 1-100

Enjoy the fun of learning how to make “Cucumber Birthday Cakes”! Experience the joy of “Raining Kale”! Sit amongst the piggies and see how silly they can be stealing your cucumbers and running all over you while eating kale! Pictures are definitely allowed but getting the piggies to pose is optional ;)


Why have your party here at the Sanctuary?

No clean up! No activities to plan!

Just come in and have fun without the fuss!

Guinea Pig Sanctuary Bracelets

Guinea Pig Party Favors

All ingredients needed for the cucumber and kale activities!

The opportunity to hold, pet, and feed piggies!

The fun of taking pictures and videos with the piggies!


Please note that we cannot allow a lot of people food at the party. Guinea pigs cannot have sugar and many people party foods can make them sick. We do allow cupcakes but remember, you’ll be playing with piggies and probably will need to clean up before eating. The guinea pigs can be messy with a little pee here and a little poop there so people food is probably best left for after leaving the Sanctuary.


If it is a party for younger or special needs children, an adult chaperone will be asked to sit in the party area to ensure the safety of the children and the piggies. If any of the children are in a wheelchair, let us know in advance so that we can accommodate them and so that they don’t miss out on any of the fun. We will set up a table area for them so they still get to fully participate.

There is NO COST for birthday parties! Just let us know when you're coming in and how many people there will be :)