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Guinea Pig


​On February 27th the sanctuary and our house burned to the ground killing our 7 year old grandson and the majority of piggies. Until we can get everything rebuilt, that sanctuary location is temporarily closed.
If you need to surrender or adopt, know that we are working with other rescues to make that happen. Before you contact us, please contact Live & Let Live Farm (Chichester, NH) or Nevin's Farm (Methuen, MA). If they cannot take them, then we will help figure it out :)
Please note: As per the state of New Hampshire we currently cannot accept any donations until we are able to get approved under the NH Charitable Trust paperwork >.< I will do my best to get this filled out quickly but until then I guess my disability check is going to go to the vets. Send lots of prayers because I can't take much more at this point. Thank you all for your prayers and for being part of our piggy village <3
*The house was finally torn down. Now we wait for the next chapter ~ rebuilding. It's a very emotional slow process but we're trying to stay strong.
Save the Piggies!
Scroll down to see how you can help! :) 


We run a Guinea Pig Sanctuary for all piggies that can no longer stay with their owners. Our piggies are well kept and have a great time being held and played with. I have included some pictures of our babies. We are NOT breeders. Males and females are kept separately. Some males have their own area, while others share the habitat. Some get playtime together depending on their temperament. We never do anything that would put them in jeopardy. Some piggies are just better off in a habitat by themselves.

Guinea Pigs take a lot of time and attention. Many families become too busy or life just makes it impossible to care for the piggies as they should. We are just trying to help. We have a large area that is just for Guinea Pigs. They are kept inside the house except for summer playtime out in the grass (in the backyard in an enclosure). We keep the heat set so that they are never cold and always comfortable.

We also work with Mainely Rat Rescue and Live & Let Live Farm to make sure all piggies have the best possible chance of finding a forever home <3


At present, until the Guinea Pig Sanctuary is able to acquire a zoning exception and become a fully licensed animal rescue in New Hampshire, the Guinea Pig Sanctuary will be unable to legally take in any surrenders or adopt out any of the piggies in our care. In the meantime. we have partnered with several licensed rescues in NH and adjacent sates to assist us in continuing to carry on the mission of helping unwanted and abandoned guinea pigs. 


If you found abandoned guinea pigs, or would like to surrender your pets, or if you are looking to adopt a piggie into you home we are still very happy to help with guidance and advice. Please contact us via email phone, or our Facebook page and we will guide you on how to get in touch with our partner rescues and assist in placing your piggies with one them directly or in arranging for an adoption visit. Please be assured that the piggies in the care of our partners are very well taken care of, and we receive regular updates on their adoption efforts and the piggies' well-being.


We remain committed to meeting all of the requirements to become a fully licensed and properly zoned rescue organization in the near future, and will resume all business as usual, including surrenders and adoptions, as soon as those requirements are met. We will provide updates and notify you of the happy news on our website and Facebook page as soon as we can. Until then we ask for your assistance in helping us remain in compliance with the state regulations by getting in touch with us about adopting from or surrendering directly to our wonderful partners, we assure you the process will be just smooth as what you are used to in working with us. 


In closing, a piece of happy news - we are very excited to report that we have been granted a 501 (c)(3) status by the IRS, and are now officially a recognized non-profit organization. This means that any donations you make to us are now tax-deductable, and, until we able to resume full operations, will go entirely toward helping us meet the zoning and licensing requirements of the state and town, supporting our partners in caring for the piggies in their facilities, as well as our own continued community education efforts to promote increased knowledge of guinea pig care and awareness of the dangers of/alternatives to guinea pig abandonment. Congratulations and an endless thank you to those who have helped and supported us in our efforts, we could not have done it without you; we hope you will continue to support us in our quest!

End of update...

Muffin ~ Gizmo ~ McGee
Our Rules


If you are interested in moving your Guinea Pig to our sanctuary there are some rules:

1. We do not pay for rehoming Guinea Pigs

2. We suggest bringing the piggy here so that you can see the habitat. We do have to charge to pick up the piggy due to gas prices. It is $20 to pick up your piggy unless you are within 15 miles of the sanctuary. 

3. If you are surrendering a sick guinea pig, we need to know the history behind illness.

4. We can send picture updates and you're welcome to come visit them

5. Some Guinea Pigs are adoptable but adoptions require a meeting with the Guinea Pigs and a conversation about what your expectations are and what you can provide for the piggie you choose. Not all adoptions are approved though. We are very strict when it comes to moving a piggie into a new environment.


We are OFFICIALLY a 501(c)(3) non-profit now! Thank you for all of your help! This means that all of your donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to help us in our rescue efforts we can always use supplies. The main things we accept as donations are:

Timothy Ultra Hay
Puppy Pads 

Pellet Food (specifically for Guinea Pigs)
Bedding Material (not wood)

We also have an eBay store at 


We also accept donations through PAYPAL.

If you love shopping, we also have a wishlist set up on Amazon ~ some are needs and some are wants ;)  Feel free to shop for the piggies <3 Just click to see the list and see what the piggies are wishing for :) If you are an avid Amazon Shopper, please consider using our Amazon Smiles link <3 And be sure to check out Felicie's Piggie-aoke videos on YouTube <3 

Alex also has a wishlist set up through Walmart :)




Please follow us on FaceBook to learn more about the Guinea Pigs that are currently at the sanctuary. 

Please share our site on FaceBook by clicking the "Share" button above.

Please sign the petition to Save the Sanctuary! The more signatures we get, the better it looks when we go against the town of Hampton!


We always need help with vet bills. If you want to put some on our account, please call the Newburyport Veterinary Clinic at #978-462-7771. They will allow you to pay on the bill for Guinea Pig Sanctuary. Thank you in advance for helping <3

Follow us on Instagram @GuineaPigSanctury.org

Looking for something to do with the kids?


Grab some greens, celery, or carrots and spend an hour at the sanctuary! We're two blocks from the beach so make a fun day!


Spend some time feeding, petting, holding and taking pictures with the piggies then go down to the beach and check out the gorgeous view!


There is NO charge to spend an hour with the piggies. We just ask that you bring enough snacks to feed them ;) Currently it takes 2 bags of carrots or 3 bags of celery or 4 bunches of greens or a big bag of Timothy Hay to feed all the chubby piggies <3 LOL


Just make an appointment for some fun piggie time <3

Visits by appointment only!
Thank you for your prayers. We'll try to keep everyone updated. <3