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Emotional Support Program


There are many reasons a child might need an emotional support animal. Autism, Down's Syndrome, Cancer, Divorcing parents, physical disabilities, mental struggles and many more reasons taught us why Guinea Pigs are so vital to the emotional stability of a person.

Our guinea pigs are worked with daily to ensure that they are social, friendly and loving. They love being held, being fed, being brushed and being played with. Guinea pigs are the perfect friend for any child who cannot have the traditional dog or cat or emotional support.

Through our "Emotional Support Program", we provide guinea pigs to children (and adults) who are struggling and need the ability to love and be loved. There are many ways these piggies help. Here are some examples:

When having trouble focusing or going into an anxiety/panic attack we use the code words, "It's time to brush the guinea pig." This means you have to sit down, hold your piggy and brush their hair. It works to help calm and is also good for the piggy.

Another way piggies can help is to create stability and structure. Most will create charts with all the things the piggy will need (feeding time, cleaning, etc.). This chart is a wonderful way to get more involved and connected with the piggy.

The ideas of how guinea pigs can help are endless and can be adapted depending on what type of emotional support is needed. From short-term to long-term, the piggies do what they do very well, which is helping each 'mommy' or 'daddy' to function with responsibility, compassion, and understanding.

Emotional support piggies are covered by sponsors. This means there is no cost to the individual in need of an emotional support piggy. The piggy will come with a cage, house, and everything needed EXCEPT for bedding, puppy pads, pellets, and hay. That will need to be bought by the family. If the vehicle is big enough we can set up the cage initially with all of those items though which is good for a day or so until you can get what's needed.


There is a waiting list but it's generally only a week or so from "form to adoption". Just fill out the form below and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Thank you for letting us help during this emotionally draining time.

Emotional Support Guinea Pig

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