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Surrendering Piggies



Currently we cannot take in any surrenders due to the number of piggies we have.

You can try in our group on Facebook - Guinea Pigs of New England - to see if anyone can help with rehoming though.


We are doing our best to deal with the number of piggies and hopefully we’ll be able to take in surrenders again at some point. For now, we must focus on finding homes for the hundreds of piggies already here.


Thank you 😊


It's always sad when life makes us give up our pets. We strive to keep all the piggies healthy, happy and re-homed.


Here, our piggies are very happy and healthy. They get to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies, and the companionship of the other piggies. We only adopt out to the best homes and are very strict when it comes to adopting out. We require that families spend at least 30 minutes here in the sanctuary. They are also required to send at least one picture each week for the first month. Most families send us pictures forever though. :) If you follow us on FaceBook you'll see when he goes up for adoption, when he's adopted, and all pictures from the adoptive family.


Unless it is a TRUE EMERGNCY, you will be required to pay $80 for each guinea pig you are surrendering to go towards their health check up. We also ask for the cage and supplies. It makes it easier to take in piggies that come with something. You'll get to see the sanctuary and meet all the piggies. We have quite a few of our own who are permanent residents here also. 


Please note that we are getting SLAMMED with surrenders so we are NOT actively taking piggies in. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone but the amount of piggies coming in is staggering.



129 Bridge Road

Salisbury MA

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