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Surrendering Piggies




Currently we are not actively taking in any surrenders due to the number of piggies we have. There are over a thousand in foster and hospice homes already. Animals are being dumped everywhere and it just doesn’t stop. People have been taking advantage of the ‘emergency basis’ surrenders. This is why we can no longer realistically do the total surrender portion of our Sanctuary.


 We do this 7 days a week and we do not get paid. We don’t get days off. We don’t have family time. We just take care of other people’s guinea pigs while they are here for 1 year, 2 years, or however long it takes us to re-home them.


Please try in our group on Facebook - Guinea Pigs of New England - to see if anyone can help with rehoming. You can also try your local Humane Society, SPCA, ACO, or other Facebook groups.


We are doing our best to deal with the hundreds and hundreds of piggies we already have. Hopefully we’ll be able to regularly take in surrenders again at some point. For now, we must focus on finding homes for the tons of piggies already here.


As of today, we still have piggies that have been stuck here since 2022.


If you have tried everything and truly cannot figure something out, you MUST have $80 each for the intake fee, their cage, and any other belongings they have.


We can schedule an appointment when you have everything together.


Thank you 😊

129 Bridge Road ~ Salisbury, MA 01952

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