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Our Story & Mission


On August 26th, 2009, Alexander accidentally fell into a bonfire in Plaistow, New Hampshire. Since that time, he has had over 600 surgeries and procedures. Due to the nature of his injuries, he was unable to have most traditional types of pets so, naturally, he chose guinea pigs.

In the beginning we ran the sanctuary out of the sunroom of our home. It was convenient and gave us the opportunity to work one-on-one with the piggies. This helped them with socialization and, also put us on the path to becoming very knowledgeable about piggy stuff. It also gave us a great opportunity to meet the families who visited. They all became part of our village.

We struggled to fight the state of New Hampshire because of the issues with the current laws and legislation. It cost the village a fortune to keep up with. We also tried several times to find a new sanctuary location in New Hampshire to no avail.

On February 27th, 2019, our house and the sanctuary in Hampton, New Hampshire burned down in a massive fire, taking with it our seven-year old grandson and all of our personal piggies. It was one of most devastating, depressing, and heart-wrenching things we’ve ever had to go through. The amount of loss was just too much to bear.

We didn’t give up though! In March of 2020 we found a new location in Salisbury, MA and met a lot of amazing people through Salisbury Town Hall. Our vision has never changed and we are still doing what we do. Our Village stands beside us as we get through the everyday hurdles, sadness, joy, and smiles.

The sanctuary will look and feel like a home. Every room in the “house that piggies built” is meant to be calm, happy, and filled with good energy. There are places to flop, hold piggies, read and just hang out.

We always welcome families, children and even care animals into the sanctuary. We look forward to partnering with all the local non-profits that work with animals, children, and families. Our goal is to unite everyone in the village with the resources and support services needed to be the strongest, happiest, most loving group united by our love for each other and our furbabies.

So load up the kids, grab some coffee and come sit and chat while the kids have fun playing with the piggies. We can’t wait to see you! <3

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