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Piggie Sitting ~ Boarding

Thank you for considering Guinea Pig Sanctuary to board your piggy 😊


Piggies are treated as if they were on vacation! Room service includes veggies for breakfast, hay for lunch, pellets for dinner, and a light veggie or fruit for snack at night. Of course, there is always an abundance of hay and water available in each piggie’s habitat.


Activities are fun and we have plenty to keep your piggy busy! Friendly piggies get the chance to watch awesome movies (like G-Force) while munching on a salad. Usually, 3-5 piggies get to watch a movie together on one of the tablets. Playtime is always a fun experience and gives your piggy a chance to meet other piggies. If your piggy already has a cage mate, they will do their playtime together. Playtime is always supervised and can be done solo if your piggy isn’t into the piggy crowd scene.


Piggies also get a “SPAW” experience. During their stay they will have their nails trimmed, their bottoms cleaned, and a nice brushing. For boys, if needed, we also clean up their oil/grease gland area. Each piggy also receives a stuffed animal, when available, to make their stay as comfy as possible. The stuffie also gets to go home with them so (for a little while) they can remember the fun they had on vacation. 😊


All piggy cages are kept next to others so that they can socialize. Cages are moved around during cleaning so that each piggy gets the chance to talk to other piggies here. If you have bonded males, they will be kept segregated from other bonded males so that there is less of a chance of unbonding. Please know that sometimes piggies can unbond for any reason.


The fee for boarding is $60 per week for the first four piggies. Each additional piggy is $10 per week. We accept cash, credit, debit, PayPal and Venmo. Boarding fees are due at drop off. 😊


You only need to bring the piggies and none of their personal items. This is to ensure we don’t lose anything or accidentally give it to another piggy when the volunteers come in 😉



We board piggies 365 days a year so we always have space available.


**We are closed on Wednesdays so that would be the only day unavailable for drop off or pick up.**


Upon request, we can send you text picture updates of your piggy while you are away if we are able to. Please know that pictures we take of your piggy may be used on our website, but we always state they are not up for adoption and just visiting.


Thank you again for considering Guinea Pig Sanctuary for your piggy boarding needs.

*** January 1st - Boarding will go up to $70 a week ***


*** January 1st - For Nurse Jackie’s boarding, there will be an additional $25 charge for each medical piggy, on top of the regular boarding fee ***


*** January 1st - IF YOU ARE LATE PICKING UP YOUR PIGGIES, there will be an additional $20 a day charge. Too many people are taking advantage of our boarding, and it overlaps the cage space. It will no longer be cheap to do this because it seriously hinders our ability to provide the best service to all our other vacationers. Please be mindful of your pickup date. We’re not unreasonable but extending your boarding for weeks and months is unacceptable.



129 Bridge Road ~ Salisbury, MA 01952

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