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Hay & Pellets & Towels & Stuffies!

Our sanctuary houses anywhere from 15-60 piggies at a time! Some weeks they come in so quickly that we find ourselves overwhelmed. Feeding this many piggies is a bit crazy some days. We are always in need of hay and pellets ~ anything Timothy or Oxbow is fine <3

We are also running out of stuffed animals for our piggies. They don't have to be in great condition, just not falling apart. ;) Kids love cleaning out their rooms to donate stuffies they no longer play with and now there's a place for them where they will be loved by piggies!

Towels are always a big need. We use them for a variety of things! They don't have to be perfect! Stains and holes are fine as long as they're not falling apart. :) Hand towels are used more than the bigger ones but we will accept any and all. :)

All items can be dropped off any day, no appointment needed! If we're not home, just leave them on the steps. Thank you all for helping us spread the word!

Love & Hugs!

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