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Helping Alexander <3

Some of you may not know the story behind the sanctuary. I know this is long but please read it so you know. Things are going to get rough so here's the true story.

On August 26th 2007 a babysitter left Alex (my grandson) outside (he was 2 years old). He fell into a bonfire that was filled with white hot ashes from a party the night before. He sank up to his waist. His feet were destroyed and when he was pulled from the fire, everything (muscles and skin) came off and he was left with black charred feet. Since then, Alex has had over 600 surgeries and procedures.

He has had his feet "rebuilt" with muscles from his groin and boy area, skin stripped from his buttocks and thighs, and with muscles from other areas of his body. Last week his skin grafts started bursting open. 

Alex has always loved guinea pigs and dogs. They are his care animals and truly help him to stay compassionate. Alex started the Guinea Pig Sanctuary to give back to the piggies that have helped him so much.

He is going back into surgery in a few days. This time they have to take the skin from his back to fix the grafts. They are also doing K-Pins on his right foot. K-pins are long pins that are pushed through his toes into his foot. He will have to have the remaining three toes on his right foot broken and then K-pinned. He will be in a medical coma for the first three days to help him forget all the pain. Then he will be on bedrest for a month and in a wheelchair for three months. He won't even be able to finish the 7th grade.

This kid has been through so much stuff and it's truly hard to watch some days. He has been with me his whole life and is one of my babies. His mom struggles to deal with all the pain and surgeries also. It's truly too much for anyone to bear some days.

The point of this story is (1) so that everyone understands why we do this and (2) to hopefully get people to care enough to help him through this. We are redoing his bedroom so that he's self-sufficient for the most part as that's one of his biggest issues. He likes to do things himself. He was gifted a mini fridge, a mini freezer, and a few other items.

If you can help there are many ways. (1) He wants snacks LOL Beef jerky, white cheddar popcorn, microwave butter popcorn and salami are his favorites. (2) Donations are being accepted for care items: gauze rolls, Neosporin, dry shampoo, peroxide, and medical tape. (3) We were able to get him a potty chair and other medical things through his insurance. We could really use cleaning things though to keep his room sanitary: Lysol wipes, cleaning spray (any kind), and Febreeze (his idea LOL) would be helpful. (4) If you are able to, gas money or cards would be greatly appreciated. We have to go to Boston and Waltham three times a week. Gas prices are killing me.

Last time we had a surgery this major I ended up with 16 pawn tickets. Everything I owned was basically in a pawn shop. It took two years for me to get it all out of pawn, thanks to my son. If you need our address to send anything, let me know. You can also drop off stuff at the house. We also have a GoFundMe set up for him at if you would like to help us reach our goal for him.

Finally I just want to thank anyone for prayers because we truly need them immensely. Please ask any questions and we'll do our best to answer. Remember, these pictures are just some of what he's been through. Please say tons of prayers. Any who have met him always say he is the most loving child.  <3 I just want him to be okay. Okay, I know I wrote a lot and I'm crying again for this baby. I love him (and all my children and grandchildren) with my love. I just want to try and make this easier for him. Thank you for reading this.  <3 Love you all dearly  <3

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I hope Alexander gets better it seems he has been through so many things that he doesn't deserve to go through. Beautiful that he started this awesome sanctuary.

Me gusta
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